for Planning Board

Dear friends, neighbors, and fellow Lexingtonians:

I am very excited for the possibility to serve on the Planning Board. 

After years of working and living on three continents of the world, and then 19 years of calling Lexington home, serving in grassroots programs, Town Meeting, and Sustainable Lexington Committee, I hope to add a new perspective and voice on the Planning Board - for you - current and future residents of Lexington. 

I have regularly attended Planning Board meetings for 8 years, and contributed to bylaw and policy changes on zoning and waste reduction. I understand that "planning" is much more than allowing density - data, objective research, transparency, and citizen participation will help us make better decisions and yield the results we are aiming for.

If elected, I will leverage my analytical skills to help the Board actively look for solutions to make Lexington the sustainable, healthy, and inclusive town it strives to be while encouraging much needed affordable and attainable housing. It is 2024, we can do both, and we need to do both.

Please consider voting for me and let's plan better!

With respect and gratitude,

Lin Jensen

“I encourage you to consider Lin Jensen for one of the two seats on the Planning Board. Lin offers a fresh new perspective, given her 19 years of public service to the town. Lin will bring to the Board her strong analytical and data-driven approach that is needed to address the land use, zoning and regulatory challenges and opportunities facing the town going forward.” 

Fred Merrill, FAICP

(Professional planner, former chair of the Lexington Planning Board, 

& Lexington’s Permanent Building Committee member)

Endorsed by CAAL PAC (CAAL Political Action Committee)

How you can help

On Election Day Tue 3/5/2024 at each precinct's polling station (7am-8pm)

More about Lin

Vision for Lexington

An engaging and vibrant community in a sustainable balance with nature, good-quality diverse housing, and net positive buildings with solar energy.


The Planning Board plays a consequential role in shaping our town, but faces tremendous challenges and obstacles in effectively unifying the community toward a common goal. Recent implementations seem to minimize regulations and the town’s stated interests.

Why vote for Lin:


Lin's Background

Resident, volunteer, & LPS parent - for 19 years:

Town Meeting Member for Precinct 8

Sustainable Lexington Committee member

LPS Green Teams, co-founder

Clean Heat Lexington Alliance volunteer

Hastings PTO volunteer (co-president, room parent, yearbook and newsletter editor, METCO Family Friends parent)

Part-time employee at LHS

International education, work and life experience:

Corporate Finance at Honeywell, US and Germany (1996-2005)

MBA, Columbia Business School 

B.Sc. in Psychology, Peking University


1. What separates you from your opponents who are running with both similar or different beliefs? 

I am analytical and data-driven. I will listen carefully, do independent research, and share the findings publicly in user-friendly ways. I will work hard to help our town achieve the goals of attainable and affordable housing through data- and fact-based proposals and communications.

Additionally, zoning is more complex than numbers and density. I have first-hand, lived experience with different planning approaches. I lived in apartments in Beijing, Manhattan, New Jersey, and Germany. Our Lexington home is actually the first and only single-family house I have ever lived in. I know how a ray of sunlight or cherry blossoms outside a window can bring in the beauty of nature and brighten up your mood no matter where you live, whether it is an apartment or a house. I believe that now in 2024, we have the know-how to plan new denser districts in an inclusive and sustainable way so that all residents will feel welcome, valued, and part of the larger community.

2. What else would you like people to know about you as a candidate?

I have volunteered in town ever since a few days after moving here 19 years ago. I have built trust and connections with so many talented individuals in the community and town staff.  My international and diverse background as a Chinese immigrant, and having worked and lived on three continents across the world, gives me a different perspective. I think it’s time to plan better based on data, research, and regional best practices, and develop creative solutions that benefit current and future residents.  Please vote for my values, skills, and dedication to Lexington, my adopted hometown.

3. If elected, what would be your three top goals to work towards during your term on the Planning Board?

If elected - subject to changes based on input from fellow Planning Board members, Planning Department, Town staff, and constituents - my top three goals are:

4. Why did you vote no on Article 34 MBTA Community last year?

The vast majority of the housing to be built under the article will be at market rates. Especially because there is no limit on the square footage of each unit, moderate-income families will likely be excluded. The zoning change also allows multi-family buildings to be built “by right” up to 52’ high/4 full story (or 60’/5 full story in commercial areas) next to 20’ foot high capes and 15’ foot high ranches with as little as zero setback in front from sidewalks and 7.5 feet setback on the sides. I believe we can plan better.